Our philosophy
Alpes Léman Conseil have always worked along some simple but essential principles. Very selfish
to say, but we like our peace of mind, and working along these principles is a good way to keep it.

Alpes Léman Conseil has developed a proven expertise in relocation support, but we know when to
introduce specialised partners when a mission goes beyond our skills. We sell what we do well.

A transferred family is subject to heavy stress, which often weights on the spouse. Our job is to
help reduce this stress, by being available and careful, and by bringing relevant and quick

File follow-up is also a factor of peace of mind. Both company and delegate are regularly informed
of the process at every important step.

We keep our promises, and clearly discuss difficulties if any. If we make a mistake, it's our job t
deal with it and to find a solution.

Nobody needs a relocation partner who only picks up his phone to make appointments with lease
agents. That is why
, if we have any doubt on their quality, we are keen on visiting properties before
telling you about them, although it does cost us time and money.  An average mission means 600
km and 5 to 7 days of work. It is the price for quality, which saves time and money for our clients,
reduces their stress and avoids useless trips.

Finally, we only work in the area we know, by living there ou
rselves. That is why we do not operate
on the Swiss territory, which we obviously know less
. However, we maintain close partnerships with
colleagues in Geneva, who can provide sound expertise of the swiss estate market.
French Geneva area : preparation,
organisation and follow-up of
employees' relocation and that of
their family
Alpes Léman Conseil S.A.S.
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